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Rick Spence legislative Update

To all,
      Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend to 71st Florida Professional Firefighters Convention in Boca Raton.  The purpose of the summer convention is to update the membership on the events of the year's legislative session and the goals for next year's legislative session.  There was also over free 40 classes available for the delegates dealing with everything from filing grievances to retirement plans.  Over 500 firefighters from all over the state were in attendance for the convention.  One of the biggest highlights for the Reedy Creek delegation was that our attorney, Rich Siwica, was made an honorary member of the FPF.  This resolution was written by the Melbourne and Reedy Creek locals, with over 50 other locals signing on as co-sponsors.  This was passed unanimously by the entire delegation.  Rich was extremely grateful and overwhelmed to the point of tears.
     On the legislative front, there were no changes to FRS this year.  Chances are pretty good that there will not be any changes in the 2016 legislative session.  This is mostly due to the relationship the FPF has built with House Speaker Steve Crisafulli and Senate President Andy Gardiner.  In 2016, the Speaker of the House will be Richard Corcoran and the Senate President will be Joe Negron, neither of whom are big supporters of public employee unions, in particular, firefighter unions. With the current governor still in favor of increasing state employees' contributions to 5%, 2016 would be the year to push for it.  If Negron and Corcoran do not have a change in heart, there maybe be additional attempts to restructure the entire FRS, and not in a way that is beneficial to state employees.  The only hope to stop this would be to continue to have Senator Jack Latvala hold onto his bipartisan coalition in the Senate.  Hopefully, the 14 Democrats and 8 Republicans will be re elected and will be able to continue to hold off any detrimental changes to FRS. 
    On another front, it looks as if the pursuit of a cancer presumption law has overtaken the restoration of the FRS cost of living allowance (COLA)  as the top legislative priority for the FPF. Cancer is something that affects all firefighters, as opposed to only firefighters that are in FRS.  Also, the cost of restoring the COLA is going to be tremendous.  It would be a huge political lift for the FPF and it would be very difficult to find sponsors/supporters for something this expensive.  A cancer presumption law would make most cancers that a working firefighter contracts deemed "presumptive."  These cancers will be assumed to have been due to a job related exposure.  Currently, if a firefighter comes down with cancer, they have to go through the Worker's Comp process, as opposed to being an acquired disability with better benefits from the state (similar to what is available through the heart/lung presumption).
     According to a study conducted by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and IAFF Local 1403 (Metro Dade), firefighters have a 310% greater chance of contracting some form of cancer than the general population.  The study is not complete, but of the 1000 MDFR retires interviewed so far, over 1/3 of them have contracted some form of cancer.  Almost 40% of all MDFR retiree deaths have resulted from cancer, with about 1/3 being respiratory related cancers.  In a related study sponsored by the Palm Beach County Firefighters, IAFF Local 2928, over 54%c of their active firefighters have contracted some form of cancer.  These numbers helped influence the Florida Legislature to allocate one million dollars to the University of Miami to study cancer in firefighters.  They are to report their findings to the Legislature 2 years after the study begins (Oct 2015).  In a letter to FPF President Jim Tolley, I encouraged him to put active firefighters with cancer and their survivors in front of legislators in every available public forum.  I encouraged him to consistently report the cancer numbers and finding to the legislators in a matter of fact way.  My thought was to make them say publicly 'no, I do not want to be a part of this legislation and I will not support it.'   In November, I will be attending the FPF Executive Board meeting where we will sit down with various attorneys and supportive legislators in writing the language for the new law.  Currently, 34 other states have cancer presumption statutes, so we will use some of the existing language in other states.  We will be enlisting the support of other fire organizations, such as the Florida Fire Chiefs Association, the State Fire Marshall's office, and state CFO Jeff Atwater, to help push this through the legislature.  During the November meeting we will also have a large number of candidate forums to determine who the FPF is going to support in the March 15 primary.
     MCFR has been out front on cancer prevention more than any other fire department.  They recently started issuing each firefighter a second set of bunker gear.  They were one of the first departments to have diesel exhaust systems and heavy duty washing machines in their stations.  MCFR also does year round cancer screenings along with utilizing Life Scan during their annual physicals for all employees.  Eventually, we hope this will become a standard for the entire state.  Please remember to wash your bunker gear regularly, particularly when it gets dirty and use your SCBA  in all potentially hazardous environments.  The IAFF is working in Washington DC in trying to the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ban all organohalogens.  These are chemicals used in making flame retardants for children's products, furniture, mattresses, and electronic casings.  These chemicals will burn and produce toxic fumes.  Exposure to these fumes have been linked to a large number of firefighter cancer related illnesses.
      One other note, while the $1 million for cancer research passed through the governor's line item veto, the raises earmarked for Florida Forestry Firefighters did not avoid the governor's veto pen.  This is extremely disappointing for them since they have not had raises in over 5 years.  Their salaries are currently low enough to qualify for food stamp assistance.  They also have to live with 20 miles of their stations and work with old, out dated (mostly old military) equipment.  This contributes to such a large turnover in their organization.  Unfortunately, due to being included in the "governor's budget," it will be difficult to get raises for these firefighters while the current governor is in office.
      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
     Thank you.
     Rick Spence,
     FPF Sergeant At Arms 

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President Tim Stromsnes will be out of town til July 6th.He has no cell phone service & will also have no access to emails.If you have any questions please contact Vice President Davey Evans who will be acting President til Tim returns.

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Florida Fallen Fighter Memorail Service 10/9/2015

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2015 Mickel-Begg Leadership and Safety Symposium

The Osceola County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local #3284 and Central Florida FOOLS present the Mickel/Begg Leadership and Safety Symposium.

This symposium is being held in the honor of Lt. John Mickel and FF Dallas Begg. May we never forget their sacrifice and by remembering them through this symposium, may we ensure "Everyone Goes Home".

Please Register for this symposium online @ https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=ZvFMVty3EyVaY4JEf0ZnJA

{Edit, I can't attach the flyer, so download it here. http://www.iafflocal3284.org/items/M...yer%202012.pdf
Jimm Walsh will be lecturing on, what else, Truck Co ops, Rick Lasky (the guy from the banner on here) will be talking about Pride and Ownership, and the conference will be finished up by Mac McGarry with Elkhart Brass, and Chief Lighthill from BCFR lecturing about high rise firefighting. Good 3 days of learning!}

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Lt Bill Manning Foundation for the first "Leadership Out Loud" symposium

The featured speaker will be Major General Craig Franklin, USAF (Retired). Other speakers include Lieutenant Scott Chappell from Marion County Fire Rescue, District Chief Walt Lewis from Orlando Fire Dept., and Division Chief Jimm Walsh from Winter Park Fire Dept.

Major General Craig Franklin will be speaking on Servant Leadership - Demonstrating principles for how to lead your people and help them with their mission.

Other topics include "Everyday leadership in the firehouse" to "You learn something from everyone - good leaders and bad leaders."

Cost is $40 per person and includes lunch from 4 Rivers BBQ.

Register at LeadershipOutLoud2015@gmail.com

Seating is limited.

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2015 Florida First Responder Games

The 2015 Schedule of Events has been posted – Although changes may occur – we are not anticipating many

Registration will open April 1st and close on August 15th

Hotel Reservations will be accepted starting April 1st

Event/Venue Locations will be posted after registration closes. This limits the exposure of the venues to the locals in an attempt to level the playing field for out of towners.

We are looking for individuals that distribute flyers electronically or hard copies within their organization. As you know – this is a grass roots effort to get the word out to all of the fine servants of our great communities. If you can assist with the distribution of electronic or snail mail flyers promoting future events – please let us know so we can add you to the mailing list. Lets get the word out about this great event for First Responders.

The only way non-profit events like this succeed is to obtain, promote, and utilize sponsors. In the future, please consider utilizing our sponsors for your needs – especially when it comes to accommodations. The host hotel was very generous with their meeting space and their hospitality venues. We hope everyone took advantage of the free beer and appetizers we offered ever night at the host hotel from 5 – 7pm.

We have a limited supply of 2014 event t-shirts left over – if interested in obtaining one – please go to the main menu on the left.

Sponsors are always needed to keep these games running. The USFFG is a non-profit 501c Corporation. Donations and sponsors make these games happen. Call the office if you can help with a sponsorship or donation. 866-233-4263.

Please contact the Games office if you have any questions – 866-233-4263

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Hometown Hero Golf League

The Country Club at Deer Run invites all area firefighters to play 9 holes of golf as part of their Hometown Hero League.

The two person blind draw begins at 5pm every Thursday. At the end of the season there will be a final 18 hole event for the top 75% of the players. Due to schedules and other commitments players do not need to play every week.

For more Information http://www.iaff2057.com/items/HometownHeroGolfLeague.pdf  or contact C.J. Harris, League Coordinator, at the Country Club at Deer Run 407-699-9592 or e-mail apinter@golfgroupfl.com

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