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During the previous week, President Tim Stromsnes and I attended the Florida Fire Chief's Conference. While there we attended meetings dealing with the Minimum Standards Council, Florida Fire Incidents Reporting Systems, and the Florida Firefighter Joint Council. Each of these committees are made up of representatives from the fire marshal office, fire chief association, training directors, volunteer fire chief, fire safety inspector, league of cities, state fire college, and Florida Professional Firefighters. We meet quarterly to discuss and make changes/recommendations in the fire service.
For 2014, there were over 2.7 million incidents responded to by fire departments in Florida. There were 139 civilian deaths and 1781 firefighter injuries. For the first time in over 12 years, there were no firefighter deaths in the state of Florida. The damage caused by fires in 2014, was just short of $5 billion for the state.
While over 80% of Florida is covered by fire based EMS, this is not the case in a large part of the country. There is currently several hospital based EMS agencies working with the NFPA to create an EMS Officer Certification. This is being opposed at this time by the IAFF, Metro Fire Chief Association, and Florida Fire Chief Association. The basis for their opposition is that EMS personnel would be counted toward staffing in NFPA 1710 and 1720. There are standards that refer to the number of fire department personnel responding structure fires in residential (1710) and commercial (1720) dwellings. The problem with counting EMS personnel in fire department responses is that it reduces the number of certified firefighters responding to structure fires.
Over 60% of actual fire calls are labeled as "undetermined." To help overcome this problem, Valencia Community College is working on developing a company officer course that will go in depth in breaking down fire source and origins.
The state fire college in Ocala has created a bridge program to assist returning veterans in getting into the fire service. They will receive credits and certifications for some of the training they have received while in the military.
The fire college is also currently looking into reports of multiple instructors from private non-accredited training centers using notes and lesson plans of others. The fire college considers this plagiarism and copy write infringement, since they are the ones who are responsible for standardizing all fire courses and exams in the state.
At our next meeting in October at the Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Ocala, we will be discussing a rule change to the state administrative code which will allow fire instructors to receive some amount of CEU credit for each course they teach. Currently, they receive no credit for the courses they teach and each instructor has to go through a 40 hour course to maintain their instructor certification. One of the people looking to change this is Reedy Creek Assistant Chief Joe Landerville.
Finally, on a much more personal note, we attended a memorial service for members of the fire chiefs association who died in the past year. Of the 12 names that were called, 5 of them died between the ages of 46 and 58. All were cancer related and all of them were still working when they were initially diagnosed with some type of cancer. None of these men were related to any of the 56% of working Palm Beach County Firefighters who were diagnosed with some form of cancer. They were not related to the 1/3 of Metro Dade Firefighters who die from cancer within 10 years of retirement. They were not related to any of the 3 Reedy Creek Firefighters who were diagnosed with cancer while they were still working.(Danny Akers, Bob Brinkerhoff, Jay Phillips) Each of them died within a few months of being diagnosed. The only common thread between any of these people is that they had served in the fire service. It is undisputable that we are exposed to an unknown number of unknown carcinogens throughout our career. These meetings occurred just shortly after we found out that retired Reedy Creek Firefighter Cletis Browning had been diagnosed with cancer. We did not know the extent of his cancer at this time. But at every opportunity, whether in a formal meeting with minutes being recorded or in casual conversation with someone at a reception, Tim and I pushed/discussed/opined on the need for a cancer presumption law in Florida. Over half of the other states in the US currently have a cancer presumption law. The Florida Fire Chiefs Association is strongly supportive of the FPF legislative efforts to make this happen in the 2016 Legislative Session. They lack the political connections that the FPF has, but bring a large amount of financial support and respect to the game. We discussed this in more detail with FPF President Jim Tolley and he is in full agreement and support of introducing a cancer presumption law next year. I will continue to keep our membership updated on the progress of this effort. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email or call me. Thank you.

Rick Spence
FPF Sergeant Of Arms

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RCFR Station Tours & Tshirts Information

       Fire Station Tours & TShirts Information

                              Monday thru Friday

                                  9:00 - 11:00 am & 1:00 - 4:00 pm

                                    No Holidays Or Weekends

                                       Available at:

                                 Reedy Creek Fire & Rescue Department 

                        Station 1 Headquarters

651 E Buena Vista Drive

Orlando, FL 32830

Walt Disney World Florida

Reedy Creek Fire Rescue IAFF Local 2117 Shirts can be purchase at station 1

               Reedy Creek Fire IAFF Local 2117 Shirt can be purchased online thru website

                 Transportation via taxi is available from Disney Theme Parks & Resorts

Disney Transport to Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course walking distance approx 1/2 mile

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Reedy Creek Fire Rescue Department Station Tour 

For more Tour information please call (407) 560 -1966


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The Caden Project Christmas in July

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Florida Fallen Fighter Memorail Service 10/9/2015

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2015 Florida First Responder Games

The 2015 Schedule of Events has been posted – Although changes may occur – we are not anticipating many

Registration will open April 1st and close on August 15th

Hotel Reservations will be accepted starting April 1st

Event/Venue Locations will be posted after registration closes. This limits the exposure of the venues to the locals in an attempt to level the playing field for out of towners.

We are looking for individuals that distribute flyers electronically or hard copies within their organization. As you know – this is a grass roots effort to get the word out to all of the fine servants of our great communities. If you can assist with the distribution of electronic or snail mail flyers promoting future events – please let us know so we can add you to the mailing list. Lets get the word out about this great event for First Responders.

The only way non-profit events like this succeed is to obtain, promote, and utilize sponsors. In the future, please consider utilizing our sponsors for your needs – especially when it comes to accommodations. The host hotel was very generous with their meeting space and their hospitality venues. We hope everyone took advantage of the free beer and appetizers we offered ever night at the host hotel from 5 – 7pm.

We have a limited supply of 2014 event t-shirts left over – if interested in obtaining one – please go to the main menu on the left.

Sponsors are always needed to keep these games running. The USFFG is a non-profit 501c Corporation. Donations and sponsors make these games happen. Call the office if you can help with a sponsorship or donation. 866-233-4263.

Please contact the Games office if you have any questions – 866-233-4263

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Hometown Hero Golf League

The Country Club at Deer Run invites all area firefighters to play 9 holes of golf as part of their Hometown Hero League.

The two person blind draw begins at 5pm every Thursday. At the end of the season there will be a final 18 hole event for the top 75% of the players. Due to schedules and other commitments players do not need to play every week.

For more Information http://www.iaff2057.com/items/HometownHeroGolfLeague.pdf  or contact C.J. Harris, League Coordinator, at the Country Club at Deer Run 407-699-9592 or e-mail apinter@golfgroupfl.com

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